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  • What are the services provided by iTeach Science?

    iTeach Science provide face-to-face lessons and online tutoring.

  • Is iTeach Science online tutoring as effective as In-person tutoring?

    iTeach Science online tutoring is just as effective as In-person tutoring but with the major added benefits of convenience, flexibility of session times, lower cost, and a safe, relaxed environment for the student. Our experience has shown that many of the students who have formerly used In-person tutoring find online tutoring to be at least equally as effective and enjoy the added benefits that come with this form of tutoring.

  • What are the credentials of the instructors?

    The staff of instructors at iTeach Science are comprised of adjunct and college professors, certified teachers, and experienced instructors who have achieved high levels of education in the area(s) which they provide instruction in. All instructors must pass a stringent interview/evaluation process to be hired as an instructor of iTeach Science, including proving to have a strong knowledge base of the subject(s) they provide instruction in and the ability to break down concepts and explain them in a simple manner which can be easily understood by students.

  • How can I contact iTeach Science?

    You can contact us via our email: contact@iteachscience.org.uk or through our telephone number 07875602867 / 07575771178.

  • Does iTeach Science cater to international students?

    iTeach Science works with students throughout the United Kingdom and globally.